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When it comes to our kids, we only want the best and this applies to the items in their playroom as well. Quality toys and great books are very important, but the right carpeting is a must because this will provide you with comfort and joy. Your child will be spending a lot of time in their playroom and will love having their items in one space, and carpeting will make it a safe and comfortable environment that is also quiet.

If you’re looking for carpets for a playroom, the following tips will help you select the best one for this particular space:

Consider the Material

This aspect will impact the lifespan of the carpet, so consider the material and fibre because it has to be able to withstand footsteps, stains and toys. Items will fall and crash, and no matter how hard you try, food will end up in this room, so you have to focus on the material. Staple polyester is bad for performance, but BCF polyester is as good as nylon.

Consider the Right Style

You have to take functionality into account because while appearance is important, you have to choose a style that is suitable for a playroom. Kids will be playing on the floor, so you need to select a style that will maximize comfort, and you have to choose one that will last. You shouldn’t have to replace the carpeting in your child’s playroom, so textured and frieze styles are recommended. Textured carpet fibres vary in height, which is perfect for a playroom because messes will be made, and a two-toned appearance will hide dirt and stains. This style will also hide footprints and marks, so it’s a great choice for your kid’s playroom. Frieze is also ideal because this style of carpet is very durable.

Avoid Certain Styles

Certain carpet styles are great while others are not, so you have to know which styles to avoid. Not every carpet is suitable for high-traffic areas, so Saxony and Berber should not be found in playrooms. Saxony is a plush carpet that is more formal and will not last long, while Berber is a looped carpet style that can be snagged easily by kids and toys. Neither of these options would be able to withstand the activity that takes place in a playroom, so these styles should not be considered.

The experts at Ontario Carpet will help you select the right style and material for every room. We will discuss the different carpet styles that are available and will provide you with carpets that are functional, durable and beautiful. Whether you’re looking for carpeting for a playroom, living room or bedroom, we can help, so contact us today for more information!