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Berber is a highly versatile carpeting style that works with a variety of decor types. Once solely associated with basement recreation rooms and offices, Berber is now a popular carpet choice for any area of your home. Traditionally, Berber refers to lighter coloured carpeting that’s adorned with dark flecks of brown or gray. As Berber flecks were commonly found in looped carpet styles, it was soon equated with looped carpeting. With the growth of the looped carpet, a wider variety of colour selection and combinations came into play. Ever with carpets that are one solid colour, the name Berber now refers to the looped carpet style instead of the unique, flecked colour design.

The Cost

The affordable price tag is one of the reasons Berber carpeting became so popular. This carpet type is available at several different price points to fit nearly any budget. With its high durability, you can’t go wrong in choosing a Berber carpet, as the low price and longevity can’t be beaten. It’s made of olefin, a cost-effective material when compared to wool or nylon, which attributes to its affordable rates.

The Pros

On top of its low cost, another reason Berber carpets are popular is thanks to its durability and low maintenance. Spills and stains are easy to clean due to the looked construction. Liquids tend to sit on the surface instead of sinking into the fibres immediately, making spills easier to spot and clean. The colour selection and flecked patterning of the carpet also help in hiding dirt and stains that may occur.

The Cons

While the looped construction help to prevent staining, it’s also one of the carpets biggest disadvantages. The loops also lend to the possibility of something snagging on them, causing the loop to be yanked out of its binging. However, it takes a lot of force for this to happen. You’re much more likely to cause a run by dragging furniture across it than from normal wear and tear.

Your Pets

It’s easy to fear that your pet’s claws will cause a snag in your Berber carpeting, but you don’t have to worry about that. As mentioned before, it takes more force to tear out a few loops in the carpet. As a matter of fact, Berber carpets are ideal if you have cats, as it will be able to handle the repeated clawing and scratching that’s sure to occur.

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