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Carpets are a great way to provide your home with warmth and comfort. With full carpet and area rug options, there is a carpet solution for everyone! Keeping carpets clean with children can be a tall task, though. Manage a clean carpet despite having children with these three tips from the carpet professional at Ontario Carpet!

Avoid Messes In The First Place

In an ideal world, you never have to worry about making a mess of your carpet. Sadly, there is always a possibility for messes. Your first line of defence is to prevent these messes from coming to fruition. Implementing rules can avoid potentially messy situations.

-Put down a barrier

During craft times and other messy events, put down a barrier to protect your carpet from becoming susceptible to messes. Newspaper or a garbage bag are a great option and also makes playtime clean-up easier than ever!

-Avoid shoes in the house

Have a designated area for everyone to put their shoes and avoid dragging mud and dirt around your home across the carpets.

Clean Up Quick

Sigh… sometimes, it happens. Afterall, you can’t avoid every single mess. The second key to a clean carpet is to clean up quickly. Act fast on stains and be proactive about cleaning up even if there are no visible messes.

-Vacuum at least once a week

Not all messes will make a stain. In fact, a number of messes on and in your carpet will be dirt or debris. Vacuuming your carpet at least once a week will clear your carpet from any dirt you don’t immediately see.

-Clean any messes fast

As soon as you notice a mess, clean it as soon as you can. Any spilt liquids should be patted dry and liquid stains cleaned with spot cleaner like Resolve.

-Teach your children how to clean

Let your children help you vacuum and clean messes so they learn how to clean up and avoid making the same mistake again.

Deep Cleaning

No matter how hard you try, sometimes you may not be able to keep your carpet fully clean. That’s why you should schedule a deep clean for your carpet each year. You can conduct a deep clean on your own, but professional carpet cleaners will have professional tools and loads of experience.

Hopefully with these tips, you can spend more time enjoying your carpet rather than cleaning and worrying! Maintaining your carpet will allow you and your family to enjoy it for longer. For all your carpet needs, call or visit Ontario Carpet in Mississauga! Our team is always willing to help find the best carpets for your lifestyle and home style!