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Did you know our solution dyed process requires 87% less water and uses 30% less energy when compared to traditional dying methods? And with all of our manufacturing processes being housed under one roof, we take trucks off the road which helps reduce our carbon footprint by 42%!

The benefits of our PureColor solution dyed carpets extend from the planet to our dealers by delivering superior color consistency that is inherent with the solution dyed process. Instead of running carpet down a traditional continuous dye range and immersing the carpet in an aqueous solution in hopes of producing a consistent color from front to back and side to side, we melt the pellet and color concentrate together to make one homogeneous liquid which is in turn made into yarn. This leads to industry leading uniformity.

Finally, the consumer benefits from the inherent cleanability, fade and stain resistance that can only be found in solution dyed carpets. Our PureColor carpets also allow for unique styling capabilities, especially in multicolor visuals. PureColor solution dyed carpets create more dimension on the floor and high definition visuals which are almost impossible to replicate in topically dyed carpets.

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