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An area rug is a carpet less in size than the room it is in and is frequently used with flooring types like hardwood and tiles. Area rugs exist in various forms, textures, patterns, sizes, and colours, and they can be produced to suit the user’s preferences. 

Since area rugs are portable and lighter than fixed wall-to-wall carpeting, you can change the flooring in your home however you like. Area rugs are multipurpose items that can easily transform your space while adding style and are readily available at carpet stores.

Best Solutions To Use Your Area Rugs

The usage of area rugs offered by carpet stores is listed below, and they should ease any remaining worries you may have about their suitability for your room.

  • Dining Area

The space underneath the dining room table is a lovely additional location for an area rug. It can tie together the eating and cooking areas, make the room more inviting, or provide a splash of colour you might miss. It will also frame your dining room to make the space more inclusive.

  • Noisy Lounge

Area rugs offer a sound-dampening effect and significantly lower noise levels in your room. Most noise in homes is created by vibrations caused by walking on hard floors, which are then absorbed by area rugs or carpets. Area rugs absorb sound from the air, which will quieten your environment. 

Area rugs are a huge plus for families and pet owners, especially if you have downstairs neighbors. A more peaceful environment gives you more time to unwind, concentrate on your work, and sleep.

  • Kitchen Area

It transforms the room into a living area rather than merely a “work” place; area rugs in the kitchen have become a popular trend. Use an area rug with a theme to add some flair, or go with something that complements the design of your kitchen. Walking on a site rug makes the kitchen more inviting and comfy!

  • Locations With High Traffic 

Did you know that area rugs can shield your flooring in places with heavy foot traffic? Particularly at the entrance to your patio or porch, along lengthy hallways, and in those regions, you will find an area rug handy and aesthetically pleasing.

  • On Bed Sides

If you have hardwood floors, area rugs can significantly improve your comfort in the bedroom. Because hardwood floors are frequently chilly, wearing bare feet will be more comfortable with an area rug under your feet. 

You could also put an area rug under the bed to tie the room’s theme together or create the illusion that the room is more significant than it is.

  • Under Furniture

If the furniture is solely put on floors, it appears to float in the space. Area rugs create this impact by perfectly anchoring furniture, altering the focal point, and establishing a visual boundary to a space. The addition of area rugs unifies and finishes a space. The room will feel beautiful and well-arranged if you place an area rug underneath the furniture to tie everything together.

To conclude, the area rugs often available at carpet stores provide a layer of protection in addition to their aesthetic appeal. Ontario Carpets offer a comprehensive collection of area rugs to meet your needs.