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This is a big decision to make, as the colour of your carpeting will be represented throughout your home, or a large part of it. Not only do you need to choose the colour, but you also need to decide on the style of carpeting you’re looking for, the fibre type, quality and pattern. Visualizing how a carpet’s colouring will affect a large space is hard to do from a tiny carpet swatch. While a colour might look tame in the store, it could have a dramatic effect once installed. Overwhelmed and unsure where to start? Then this is the carpeting guide for you!

What Colour Should You Choose First?

Should you match the furniture to the carpet colour or the carpet colour to the furniture? When it comes to living rooms and family spaces, it’s best to pick the couch colour first. As there are a wider variety of carpet colours than couch colours, depending on the specific couch you want, it’ll be easier to narrow down carpet colour choices in relation to a permanent fixture.


Neutral tone carpets are the most popular choice for a reason: they’ll match pretty much any room decor and furniture. Whether you’re installing it in a large room or a small one, picking a bright colour can be overwhelming unless you balance it out with neutral colours everywhere else. But to save yourself a headache, you might want to try going bold with other elements of the room like paint, furniture colours and decor.

Berber Detailing

Choosing a carpet colour or pattern with flecks of various shades is another way to incorporate your personality into the room. Berber carpeting is the place to be if you’re interested in this option, as traditionally it has different coloured flecks spread throughout, giving it texture. Berber carpets are also a practical choice, as the looped fibre pattern aids in hiding dirt, stains and other messes without much effort.

Does Your Lifestyle Matter?

Definitely! If you have several young children running around, or dogs that like to play outdoors, then you probably won’t want to choose a white or light coloured carpet. Darker colours also tend to show a lot of debris, so if you’re living in a chaotic household, you’ll want to stick to mid-tone carpet colours. As the carpet colour you choose can dramatically alter the atmosphere of a room, take your time in deciding what colour realistically best suits you.

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