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Picking the right type of carpet for your home is a tough yet important decision to make. When you pick yours, you will need to think about its construction, what it is made from and how it looks to understand whether or not it will keep your home comfy and stay in shape for a while.

Carpet is known as a great choice of flooring for the bedroom, however, it is a great choice for the living room and other rooms that wood and laminate wouldn’t be a good choice in terms of price and style.

Replacing your carpet completely will depend on a few different factors, including the quality of the carpet, the area the carpet is laid in, how many occupants are in the home, and the way the carpet was maintained. When thinking about these factors and if allergens are becoming an issue, your carpet will most likely need to be updated every 5 to 10 years.

When trying to find the best carpet for your home, if it’s for the living room, bedroom, or family room, you will need to use your budget to match the quality and comfort. Think about the room it will be laid in, how much foot traffic there will be, how at risk of staining it is (if you have pets, children, or drink wine often), and think of the feeling and style you want the room to have as well.

Carpet is one of the most common options for flooring inside homes and is used to help with insulation. It also adds a good amount of padding underneath and can help with acting as a sound barrier while also creating less stress under foot when walking around.

There are a few main types of carpet style and construction available:

  • Woven – woven carpets are made using a labor intensive process where the colors and decorations are woven into the carpet rather than just printed on the surface. Higher end products are typically constructed from 80 to 100 percent wool and it can come in two different forms: axminster which has a velvet finish and wilton which is either plain or textured.
  • Tufted – tufted carpet is one of the more popular types of carpet, and it comes in a larger variety of styles. It is made by punching yarn into a backing fabric with needles.
  • Cut-pilethere are a lot of variations of cut-pile carpets. They can be sheared, making them softer and a more popular choice in the home where homeowners are looking for comfort.
  • Loop-pile – a more practical type of carpet because it is durable and usually stain-resistant. The fibers are twisted into smaller loops which gives them a smaller profile.

Carpet is made from a few different materials and can be one of the main considerations when choosing the right carpet for you. Many have benefits, but your personal choice and budget will ultimately come down to it.