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If you find yourself dreading leaving your warm bed and freezing your toes on your home’s cold, hard floors, it’s probably a good time to make the switch to stain resistant carpet flooring. Carpet flooring not only gives you much needed warmth in the colder seasons, it can also make your home more attractive and add property value. Stain resistant carpet flooring can be fit to any or all rooms in your house and are particularly nice in bedrooms, living rooms, and children’s rooms.

Good for Families

Stain resistant carpet flooring is made from a wool and nylon blend, which offers comfort, warmth, and easy cleaning. Wool nylon carpets are very durable and will keep you and your family warm for generations. It’s very resistant to wear and tear and is great for homes with children and pets.

Saves You Money

Stain resistant carpet flooring may cost a bit more than normal carpeting at onset, but it’ll pay for itself over time. Stain resistant carpet flooring is very low maintenance as it does not absorb spills. It is also better able to retain colour and texture compared to other carpets, meaning you save on replacement costs. You’ll also save time and money on normal cleaning and you’ll never need to pay for pricey professional cleaning. And as a bonus, if you ever list your home, you can add “stain resistant carpeting” as a nice selling point.

Matches Your Home

Stain resistant carpets come in all shapes, styles, and colours – from dark to light shades, to fabric composition, to designs matching the latest carpet trends. They fit in apartments, condos, and homes of all sizes. They can complement any existing home design or be a starting point for a new design. You tell us what you want, and we’ll give it to you.

The Best Winter Solution

Stain resistant carpet flooring is a classic and popular winter flooring solution. These carpets are built with thicker threads and give off more warmth in winter, protecting your home from the outside chill by insulating your rooms against heat loss. Ontario Carpet has many stain resistant carpet flooring options that will give you the warmth and comfort that you should expect from a carpet. Give your family a nice gift this holiday season by installing warm, durable, stain resistant carpets in your home.