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Bright rooms that are big are very desirable and believe it or not, there are ways to achieve the sense of a bigger space without having to do renovations.

The following tricks will help you make any room look bigger, so follow these tips and your home will feel larger and brighter:


This is one of the easiest things you can do and the simple act of decluttering your home will automatically create bigger and brighter rooms. While you will not gain any additional square footage, you will certainly gain a newfound perceived sense of space, so minimize and remove items from tabletops and counters as this will make a big difference. Minimally adorned shelves and surfaces will also help!

Choose long and lean flooring options

If you are renovating your home, new flooring can make a world of difference. You can actually build space right into the design starting from the ground up, so choose flooring products, dimensions and designs that elongate the space because this will create the effect of a bigger space. Grainy hardwood floors or rectangular tiles are both examples of long and lean flooring options and the way in which they are installed will have a huge visual impact on your space. Parallel flooring is known to create the illusion of more space, so make sure you take this into account.

Paint your walls a neutral colour

Lighter colours will make a room feel more spacious and a fresh coat of new paint is an easy way of creating the illusion of a bigger space. White, beige or light gray are all very popular as they bring a greater sense of light and air into homes because they reflect more light and a room will feel larger as a result.

Choose properly sized furniture

Less is always more and this is especially true for smaller homes. It is very important to consider the scale of a new piece of furniture in relation to the room it will be placed in because this will make a significant difference. Forcing bulky items into a small room will make the space feel tight and uninviting, whereas sleek and compact furniture will make a home feel more spacious. Try to shop for pieces that can serve more than one function because multipurpose items are an effective way of decluttering your space and saving you money.

Incorporate the right accessories

Strategically placing mirrors around your home can make your house seem larger and they are especially great in compact spaces because they will help create the illusion of more space. Mirrors are also aesthetically pleasing and you can choose from a number of styles, all of which will provide your home with depth and brightness.

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