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The terms rug and carpet are used interchangeably, yet they are entirely different products. Rugs only cover a small area and can be rolled up, while carpets are secured in place and cover an entire room. When you decide that a room is no longer adequate with bare flooring, you must choose between covering some of it with a rug or all of it with carpet. Either option has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a breakdown to help you decide which is best for your room.


These pieces of fabric add a touch of artistic appeal to an area and come in a variety of colours and designs compared to carpets. You can easily set the tone of the room with a rug without making a permanent decision. A well-picked floor rug can help bring cohesion to a room with differing furnishings.


  • Easy to wash since it is not attached to the floor – a better choice for people with allergies
  • Can show off beautiful hardwood or tile while also having something warm to walk on
  • Can take it with you if you move
  • Deters mildew and mould growth since it allows for air flow beneath its fibres


  • Its edges create a tripping hazard – not ideal for homes with children and elderly people
  • Only covers a portion of a room
  • Does not provide a unified look in a room as carpeting does
  • Neutral coloured rugs do not look as good as neutral-coloured carpet


Installing carpeting in a room is a more permanent decision than simply placing a rug. You must measure it accurately and then secure it to the floor with tacking strips or glue so that it stays in place. Wall-to-wall carpeting can help unify a room with a specific design scheme. It can make a small home appear large, and it also adds a layer on insulation to your home.


  • Slip and trip resistant
  • Warm cushioning under your feet
  • Neutral tones are easy to match home decor with
  • Better for homes with small children and elderly people
  • All of the floor in a room is covered, so no cold toes where a rug ends


  • Cannot remove to deep clean
  • Can develop wear patterns in heavy traffic areas
  • You cannot take carpeting with you if you move

The decision you make will ultimately depend on your decorating scheme and the people in your household. If you want to make your floors eye-catching and artsy, then a rug is probably a better choice. But, if you have small children that crawl on your floors or seniors living with you that could seriously hurt themselves if they trip on a rug, then carpeting is your best option.

The choice to pick a rug or carpet for a room can be a difficult one to make even after weighing the pros and cons of both. If you have any questions, the professionals at Ontario Carpets can help you decide which option is better for your home. We strive to provide the best service and price for both rugs and carpeting. Check out our inventory and call us for a quote or more information.