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Cleaning your carpets regularly will keep them looking as good as the day you had them installed. But how often should you clean them, and when is it time to hire a professional? Well, that depends on varying factors, such as whether or not you experience allergies, smoke or have children or pets. If you don’t experience any of these things, then a professional carpet cleaner should be hired every 12-18 months for high traffic areas and every two years for the entire carpet area. Vacuuming once a week is enough to keep allergens and dust mites from infesting your carpeting. However, if you experience any one of those factors, then this is the guide for you.

Simple Spills

We’ve all been there, you’re carrying a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate and accidentally bump into a piece of furniture, spilling your beverage onto the light coloured carpet. If this happens, make sure to clean the spill up immediately to avoid staining. If the spill is left untreated, it’ll soak into the carpet’s fibres and create an odour to go along with the giant stain. If this is a frequent occurrence in your household, think about having a stain resistant carpet installed, or purchase a stain resistant rug to cover up past incidences.

Messy Children

Young children usually bring some kind of mess with them wherever they go. Spilled drinks or tracked mud is probably a weekly experience. If they’re frequently crawling around on the carpeting, then making sure it’s clean is important in terms of their health. Clean carpets will help in preventing allergies from developing. To keep it fresh, parents should vacuum every few days and clean the carpets every six months to a year. Your carpet should also be professionally cleaned annually.

Excited Pets

Animals tend to track more dirt and grass into the house compared to children, while also shedding and having the occasional accident or two. Animal urine has a tendency to sink into the carpet’s layers when left untreated. Especially cat urine, which can sink into the floorboards underneath, leaving behind an odour that you can’t get rid of without ripping out and replacing the entire carpet. On top of vacuuming, which should happen twice a week, pet owners should clean high traffic areas every three to six months, while having the carpeting professionally cleaned twice a year.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you have the honour of housing both children and pets, then you’ve probably experienced your carpets getting dirty pretty quickly. In a situation like this, it’s recommended you have your carpets professionally cleaned every three months.

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